Sight Unseen Offer

What does it mean to give a sight unseen offer? A sight unseen offer means to give an offer without seeing the property. You may be asking yourself how someone can give an offer without seeing the property. Well, it is quite simple. Once you fill out our online form or call us, we will ask you to tell us about your house and what repairs or updates your houses need.

We have flipped enough properties to know how much it will cost to renovate a property, based on the square foot and what kind of work the house need. If our offer is in your price range, then we would schedule a visit to view your home to give you an official offer.

The benefit of a sight unseen offer is:  

If we are far off from your price you did not waste time in scheduling a visit

If you are out of state owner, you will have to go the house until you receive an offer you want.

Sight unseen offer will cut down on the traffic coming through your property.

The downside of a sight unseen offer:

It is not an official offer, and the purchase price is subject to change. The purchase price may decrease, based on a physical inspection of the property.

Official Offer

An official offer is when we schedule a visit to physically see the property and see what repairs and updates the property need. We will email you an offer with comps to show you how we came to our offer to purchase your property.

Are Cash Offers For Houses Legit?

A cash offer for a house is totally 100 percent legit. It is another form of payment method to buy a house. In fact, a home is much more likely to accept a cash offer as the saying goes “cash is king”. A cash buyer can offer a faster closing period and can give the seller more confidence that the buyer can close on the house.

We can help buy your houses in New Jersey

If you are looking for a cash offer on your property, we would love to visit your home and give you a cash offer. We are cash buyers in New Jersey that buy houses fast, as-is and for cash. Fill out our online form or call us! 732-372-0940

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