We Buy Houses As Is In New Jersey

We buy Houses as is in New Jersey

We are a local house buying company that buys houses as is in New Jersey. We buy houses in New Jersey that a typical home buyer will not buy. We are looking for properties that are in need of repairs and updates. No matter what the situation may be or the condition of the home, we will still give you a fair offer!

Can You Sell A House As-Is In New Jersey?

Property owners in New Jersey are allowed to sell their house “as is” in New Jersey. When you sell your house as is to a cash buyer you are not required to make any repairs or updates to the property before or after the inspection and the cash buyer will buy your property with any existing defects.

What Does As Is Mean In New Jersey?

The buyer will buy the houses in its current condition with all the defects.

Information To Disclosed When Selling A House As Is In New Jersey

Environmental problems: buildup of radon, contaminated soil

Municipal code violation

Damage to or failure of the structure of the house

Conditions of the electrical system, plumbing leaks, roof damage, termites, and so on.

When the seller is upfront about the condition of their property this will help the buyer give an actuate offer.

Can A Buyer Inspect The Property When Buying A House As Is In New Jersey?

When buying a house as is a buyer has the right to have an inspection before purchasing a house as is. Since most cash buyers are not licensed home inspectors or structure engineer, they will have a clause requiring a home inspection checking for “serious defects” such as structure damage, foundation damage and unground oil tank. If your home has serious defects No worries that will not stop a cash buyer from buying your property!