Is we buy houses a scam in NJ?

house scam in New Jersey

Is this a scam? The answer is no… it is not. Yes, there are people out there that scam others. Which is a horrible thought.

At Garden State Cash Homes LLC, we are not in the business of scamming anyone. If you were to search Garden State Cash Homes LLC, you will see that, we are not hard to find. We are a legit company registered in New Jersey. We are doing business in the light! We are out here actually buying houses. Which means, we are going into contract to buy your house and closing at a reputable Title Company or our Closing Attorney and CLOSE THE DEAL. NO One can take your home from you by talking to you or even signing a contract with you.

Selling and or buying a house must go through the closing process. This requires that you sign, and initial paperwork provided by a title company or your attorney. This process is required for you to be able to SELL your house.

Sell My House Fast In New Jersey - We Buy Houses New Jersey

Keep in Mind New Jersey

We buy houses in New Jersey
If a buyer says you do not need a title company or an attorney, DO NOT PROCEED!

New Jersey: Is a Title or Attorney closing state and if a buyer is not using ether one THAT IS A FLAG ON THE PLAY! Real estate attorneys are not required for closing; however, it is customary for attorneys to conduct closings in North Jersey, while title companies handle closing in South Jersey.

We buy houses ripoff in NJ

Selling your house to a company that buy houses for cash in NJ may feel like a ripoff because they will offer you less than what the houses in your area are selling for. Keep in mind if your house is outdated or needs repairs more than likely, your house will not sell for top dollar. Real estate investor/cash buyers will have to put money into the property to bring more value to the house. So, they are looking to buy at a discount. Remember if you do not like the cash offer you are not obligated to accept. To avoid feeling like you are getting ripoff, do your due diligence on what house are selling for in as-is condition.

Peace of mind

we buy houses in New Jersey is not a scam
If a buyer is using a title company or an attorney, they are not scamming!

If a Buyer is using a local title company or an attorney that you can call or google, it will be a legit transaction. NEVER do a transaction without a title company or attorney involved! NEVER accept personal check! NEVER PAY anyone to come check out your house unless it is an appraiser that your hired! Never deed your house to anyone unless you are in the presents of a title agent or an attorney. Use your common sense and you will be good.


We buy houses in New Jersey as-is for cash

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Sell my house fast in New Jersey | We buy houses New Jersey | Cash home buyers in New Jersey

If you are looking to sell your house fast in New Jersey, Garden State Cash Homes LLC, can be your trusted we buy houses in New Jersey company to get the job done. We always use a local title company and we do use an attorney. We can buy your house fast and as-is or we can refer you to one of the realtors we work with.

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