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We buy houses for cash signs aka Bandit signs are signs that advertise that an investor is looking to buy a house. They are small versions of a billboard that can be placed in yards, on the side of the road or on polls. Bandit signs aim to attract viewers and generate leads for real estate investors. This is one of the most affordable ways to generate leads.

To post them, you must drive around town with a pile of them in your car, find places to put them up, and physically hammer them into the ground or staple them to a telephone pole.

Why is it called a bandit sign?

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They are illegally posted in the ground or plastered on poles. Some of the signs are handwritten advertising ways to make quick cash, or “we buy homes “ads”. We in the industry call them ‘bandit signs’ for the simple fact that they are “illegal”.

Towns considerate it is littering. If you are caught putting them up, you can pay hefty fines. We have heard of fines as high as $250.

Sell my house fast in New Jersey

Sell my house fast in New Jersey. We buy houses in New Jersey. Cash home buyer in NJ
We buy houses in New Jersey

We at Garden State Cash Homes LLC, do not relay on bandit signs. We believe that there are better ways to generate leads, such as our website… and if you are on this page, that means we are doing a good job.
So go ahead and give us a call today. We are here waiting to help you with your real estate needs.

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