We Buy Houses In New Jersey Companies Review

We buy houses in New Jersey reviews

We Buy Houses Companies in New Jersey is a legit business model, that offers an alternative way to selling a house instead of listing with a realtor. They help people looking to sell a house fast for cash and they are able to do this because, We Buy Houses Companies buy properties as-is.

What Makes A We Buy Houses Company In NJ Great To Work With?

Respectful, upfront, honest, communicates well, problem solving mindset, gives a fair offer, uses a title company and can close fast. We at Garden State Cash Homes are all the above and more. When We buy houses in New Jersey, we have your best interest in mind!

Who are the home sellers that would deal with a company that buys houses for cash?

The we buy houses model is great for sellers who are looking to sell fast for cash and their homes needs repairs and updating. This model is also great for people who are looking to downsize, relocate, inherited a house, divorce, or behind on their mortgage and the list goes on.

The biggest misconception on the internet about We Buy Houses Companies is they will give you a low-ball offer. We Buy Houses Companies buys based on the condition of your home. So, if your house is HDTV remodel and is worth $300,000 and someone offer you $270,000 that would be a lowball offer.

Since, We Buy Houses Companies are looking for houses that needs to be renovated, they will not pay market value for your house. If, your house is worth $300,000 fixed up but you need $80,000 in repair and renovations to sell your house for $300,000 you would receive offers from $130,000 – $150,000 anything under $130,000 would be a lowball offer.

Keep in mind that if your home needs repairs and renovations your home will not sell for market value.

What to watch for when selling a house fast to a We Buy Houses Company

The biggest thing to watch for when you want to sell fast for cash is being pressured or intimidated into selling your house. Some companies may try to use this to their advantage.

If you feel like the offer is low, kindly ask for comps supporting their offer. The great thing about real estate is that you can always check for comps in your area. By doing your research this will keep everyone honest. When we give an offer, we will show you the comps. Remember you are not obligated to accept anyone’s offer, no matter how many conversations or visits you have with them.

Real Estate Agents Review

Real Estate Agents Review

Using a real estate agent is the #1 ways to sell and buy a house. A good real estate agent will be honesty, upfront, knowledgeable in the local market, problem solving mindset, engaging personality, have hustle and tenacity, with a strong team support.

Who Are The Home Seller That Will Use A Real Estate Agent?

Home Seller may be willing to work with a real estate agent because they have not been keeping up with today’s market, they have no knowledge in pricing their home, not good at negotiating, have no time to show their house or take phone calls and maybe emotional attached to their home.

What To Watch Out For When Looking For A Real Estate Agent

Agent that encourages over pricing your house, not knowable about your neighborhood, no recent listings, poor organization, no real experience in real estate and no team support.

The Biggest Thing To Watch Out For Is Pricing Your Home

This is where a lot of real estate agent will drop the ball. It is commonly known that 87% of real estate agents will fail within the first five years. A lot or real estate agents are hungry and trying to stay in the business. If you are not knowable about home prices in your area, some real estate agents will tell home seller anything to sign with them. It looks good when a real estate agent works with a lot of homeowners.

By the agent overpricing or underpricing your home can hurt your chances of selling.

Overpriced Homes: When most real estate agents or home buyers see overpriced homes, they will often assume that the sell will be difficult to work with or the buy will just skip to the next listing. Overpriced homes will sit on the market longer than homes priced to sell. This will cause your real estate agent to reduce the price of your home.

Underpriced Homes: This strategy can incite that the seller is desperate, wants a bidding war or something is wrong with home. Underpriced home rises red flags, home buyers will think why a seller would list their house at a low price?

Why Would We Use A Real Estate Agent?

Sometimes we will use a realtor to list our properties when we buy houses that are not close to us or if the realtor brings us an off-market property. We do this for two reasons.

#1. If the house in not close to us, the real estate agent are our eyes and ears on the property. They will make sure the contactor is doing their job and that the house is locked up.

#2. Is when they bring you off market properties and you list with them once the house is renovated. They are making money on you buying and selling the house. This will give them incentive of wanting to work with you again. We would gladly list with them for this service.


You should want a realtor to be honest with you, even if it is not what you want to hear. You should also want a realtor that has experience in your area. New realtors are good if they have a good team behind them. When I was a real estate agent my company assigned me a mentor with over 25 years of experience. Which give my clients confidence in me and that their house would be sold.

For Sale By Owner Review

For sale by owner in New Jersey

For Sale By Owner

With all that being said, if I was to sell my personal house, I would never use a realtor at all. I will not pay 5%-6% or even %4 on me selling my house. I cannot see myself paying $4,000 – $6,000 on every $100,000 that my house sells for. I would list it myself FSBO and pay for a buyer’s agent to bring me a buyer. All agents do is list your house on the market, answer call about the property and schedule viewing and get paid. As of 2023 the average New Jersey home values is $440,368 you will pay $17,614.72 – $26,422.08 in realtor’s commissions. If you have the time to taking phone calls, schedule viewing and negotiate with realtor. I would suggest you sell FSBO, and I would also suggest doing a flat fee listing for about $495.